KBW Professional Services has successfully investigated 300 cases of discrimination covering all industry occupations and testified in court 100 times, including before the local, state, and federal legislature, boards and commissions. Provided expert testimony to the California State Assembly on Utilities and Commerce covering major investor owned utility’s methods of concealing corporate contracts fraud through improper data collection and reporting.  Testimony at rate hearings and statistical data furnished to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) successfully proved, that the utilities practice of self-certification produced false contract awards achievement information.  Complex field investigations and research led to the first stipulation ever made by any major investor owned utility  company, that “front companies” are an “industry-wide problem". 

  Expert witness testimony to a federal grand jury in connection with Minority/Women Business Enterprise Utilization Program at San Francisco International Airport and the fraudulent use of "front" companies  in major capital improvement projects, including the new San Francisco International Terminal and BART Extension into the airport led to indictment and subsequent criminal conviction and recovery of over $1 million dollars of taxpayer funds.

  Expert witness testimony to the Federal Reserve Bank, regarding the discriminatory  practice of "redlining" and its impact upon community reinvestment business initiatives, and its implications for the country has resulted in a significant increase in opportunities for small businesses and greater awareness for large corporations, that discrimination litigation can be costly.

   Provided expert witness testimony, in connection with a $20 million dollar General Mail & Vehicular Facility construction project assisted the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office with obtaining an indictment and subsequent conviction, involving felony fraud of a government financed minority-contracting program.

  Served as expert consultant to Comerica Bank, GTE, and the National Greenlining Institute to investigate and develop statistical reports on MBE/WBE contract awards achievement through defective internal corporate self-certification procedures.

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